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Those that chat with Tess have nice things to say

Ale M.
Creative director
Tess helped me to achieve my goals while gaining awareness of my skills and developing new abilities. With support from Tess, I have found a new confidence in myself that continues to benefit me both personally and professionally.
Carla B.
Tess helped me get through the tough days when I felt really exhausted from caring for my patients. She reminded me why I do this work and that it.
Jeff S.
Car Mechanic
I found Tess easy to talk to even though texting was new for me. It was good to have Tess when I was in the hospital, especially on the days when my family was not able to visit."
Karina Ho
Tess was there for me, right after I texted her.

Proven facts

Tess has been clinically validated to help people feel better: Chatting with Tess was found to reduce symptoms of depression (-13%) and anxiety (-18%).

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